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Success is not a doorway – it’s a staircase. That’s how American sales trainer Dottie Walters put it, at least. Of course, there are no shortcuts on the path to success – but with a powerful partner by your side, you’ll be able to climb the stairs faster. Optimizing supply chain processes is a major guarantee of success for a company.

With the SAP certified GIB Suite, you can make your supply chain management faster and easier to supervise while adapting it to match your requirements precisely. The result? Inventory optimization, more availability for delivery (increased readiness for delivery), a higher service level and thus increased profit. Take several steps in one stride.

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The GIB Suite

With the SAP-certified GIB Suite you can lower costs, optimize inventory, and increase your readiness for delivery. With no interfaces or investment in additional hardware needed, the GIB Suite seamlessly integrates logistic processes into SAP and expands the SAP standard to include functions that are important for resource planning. No more time-consuming hopping between various transactions, tools or Excel files: with the GIB Suite, you have all the important supply chain processes at a glance. This helps you make the best decisions with efficiency, convenience, and transparency. 

GIB Suite 

Shop Floor Integration

The GIB software solution, Shop Floor Integration (SFI), makes the data exchange between an SAP system and the varied world of sensors, controls and machines possible. The SFI solution delivers, in a rule-based manner, the processing and forwarding of machine events and process-relevant information from the source to a connected SAP system. With minimal integration effort, you can automatically initiate and control follow-up activities to create a responsive and automated supply chain process.

GIB Shop Floor Integration

GIB ABAP Programming Templates

Why make things complicated when they can be so easy? It’s our job to ask this question. And luckily enough, we often think up good ideas that make complex tasks simple. An example? Our GIB ABAP Programming Templates. These templates relieve you of a significant amount of programming effort. All you have to write is the part that really matters to you. At the same time, you have the advantage that programs written with our GIB templates fit perfectly into the SAP system, both visually and in terms of usability. Say goodbye to the tedious process of learning new code – you don’t even need to be familiar with ABAP. This also speeds up your workflow.

GIB ABAP Programming Templates

GIB Suite – Certified by SAP.

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