GIB Suite Advanced

Training courses

You will learn how to adapt the modules of the GIB Suite individually to your needs. 

With practical exercises on the system, you will train how to create individual formulas in the formula system. 

In addition, you will learn how to adjust the parameters of the modules to your specific needs and thus get the maximum benefit from the system.

Our training offers room for open questions or for exchanging experiences with other GIB users.


You should be familiar with the GIB modules and have experience with the SAPGUI. 

Knowledge of the ALV Grid, working with formulas in Excel and technical understanding are an advantage.


This workshop will enable you to influence the calculation of metrics, alerts and replenishment lead times so that you can better analyse your supply chain processes and examine their effectiveness and efficiency in detail.

  • Generation of alerts
  • Checking partial results
  • Use of the trace function
  • Use of the formula editor
  • Use of the class-based formulae
  • Influencing key figure calculations
  • Calculation of replenishment times
Target Group:

Key users and system administrators

Price per Person:
€ 580,-

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

1-day seminar

09/02/21 - 09/02/21 [de]

Exclusive Training online or offline

Price per Company:
€ 3.125,-
by arrangement

Contact Person

Sibylle Blöchl
+49 271 238 71 4053



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