IIoT Info Day at ifm prover - November 7, 2019

Reduce costs with intelligent maintainence

Experience Industry 4.0 Live

Optimize inventories, minimize downtimes, maximize profitability

What does optimal maintenance look like? Run to failure causes unwanted downtimes, which can lead to production downtimes, especially with bottleneck machines. Preventive maintenance offers safety, but is usually also unnecessarily time- and cost-intensive, because the scheduled maintenance intervals are not matched to the actual condition of the machines. Condition-based maintenance with intelligent sensors and GIB's SAP-integrated software solutions,

on the other hand, offers significant advantages. Shutdowns through real-time monitoring, coordinate setup and maintenance processes and benefit from security and transparency through the stationary and mobile provision of all relevant information for the respective user. 

We show you in productive operation how this works. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

ifm prover GmbH · Waldesch 9 · 88069 Tettnang · Germany

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