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Let’s start by optimizing SCM

As a software manufacturer and licensed SAP Silver Partner, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to improve logistic processes in SAP. By working with GIB, you’ll optimize your supply chain, expand the SAP standard to include important resource planning functions and techniques, and therefore gain a decisive advantage on your path to success. Reduce unnecessary warehouse stock, increase your readiness for delivery, and become significantly more efficient!

In GIB, you have an experienced and competent partner by your side, one that will accompany you through this entire process – before, during, and after implementation. Our success is distinguished by more than 27 years of experience, over 700 satisfied customers in more than 20 countries. Become a part of this, too, and come with GIB as we head for SUCCESS.

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Ensure cultural values – with your help

As part of the ifm group of companies, we at GIB also adhere to the company’s cultural values and follow the standards defined in the code of conduct. Compliance with these values is very important to us at GIB.

For this we are dependent on your assistance in the form of your advice.

With the ifm whistleblower system you have the possibility to report potential violation of our cultural values as well as criminal activities. The central compliance organization will follow up all reports with the necessary discretion and care and will initiate appropriate countermeasures if the facts are confirmed.

If you provide your name when making a report, we will treat it confidentially and effectively protect you as a whistleblower. You also have the option of submitting anonymous reports. We will follow up all information with the utmost discretion an due diligence. In this you help us as a company to become better!

Please remember, however, that information you provide about others can lead to decisions that may have consequences for these people. We therefore ask you to provide us only with information that is correct to the best of your knowledge.

We thank you for your cooperation!

ifm whistleblowing system

„Our customers’ success is our success!“

Our employees live out the GIB idea every day.

Your strong partner for your supply chain – Everything under the same roof

GIB Suite

Using the right software

As a licensed SAP Silver Partner, GIB offers you custom-tailored software solutions for more efficient and transparent supply chain processes. Around the world, more than 600 companies and more than 40,000 users are already using the GIB Suite for controlling and managing their processes. Successfully.

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Shop Floor Integration

Experience the future now

Using the “Shop Floor Integration” (SFI) software component, you can pre-process events and process-relevant information from the sensor-monitored shop floor level, then pass these on to a linked SAP system on a rule basis. There, SFI offers the possibility to trigger and control follow-up activities and processes with minimal integration effort involved.

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GIB ABAP Programming Templates

If the standard is not enough...

... you can create the solution to your requirements yourself using the GIB ABAP Programming Templates. Since many basic or repeating steps are preconfigured, our tool lets you keep the same look and feel at all times while programming at a significantly higher speed. This lets you concentrate on core areas. Even coworkers with only a basic understanding of ABAP can carry out complex adjustments with the help of the programming template.

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GIB Consulting

Using software properly

At GIB, you’re in good hands. Our consulting team will uncover potentials for improvement within your company and assist in developing intelligent strategies and measures to increase efficiency in sales planning, procurement, production, and distribution.

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GIB Academy

From expert to professional

Making you even better at your job – that’s the goal of the GIB Academy. Compact seminars and workshops on GIB’s software products will make you more successful when optimizing your inventory and readiness for delivery. What’s more – the GIB Academy also offers you the chance to improve your expertise in dealing with SAP logistics solutions.

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Excerpt from our customer testimonials.

Krone Group
Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn,
Authorized Officer / Chief Information Technology Officer


“It was truly astonishing to see how quickly and easily the GIB Suite was implemented into our SAP system and logistical processes here at Krone. It took less than six weeks to go from installation in the test system to real-life use in the production system – and that includes user training!”


Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG
Pferd Werkzeuge
Olaf Theunissen,
Logistics & Stock Management


“Our satisfaction with the GIB Suite is apparent in the fact that we’ve recommended it to an associate company and held a live demonstration of how we use it here. The visit influenced their decision to purchase the GIB Suite as well.”

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Diehl Aerospace GmbH
Axel Denkinger,
Head of Supply Chain Management & Production


“Introducing the GIB Suite has brought a level of transparency to resource planning unlike any we’ve had before. On the basis of that transparency, clear responsibilities and key figures for inventory management can now be derived.”


Norman Seibold,
Project Lead /
Project Manager for SAP


“Currently, we’re successfully deploying every module in the GIB Suite here at E-T-A! GIB’s expertise and the GIB Suite’s mode of operation has been fully accepted here, from executive management all the way to users across all divisions and modules. It’s an essential part of our everyday work within the SAP system.”


Danfoss Power Solutions
Andreas Kunert,
Director Global Supply Chain


“I can’t imagine anyone seeing the GIB Suite in action in a production system without wanting to introduce it into their own. Finally, an application that can seamlessly connect key figures directly to concrete actions on the materials level – one that’s extremely fast and user-friendly to boot.”


Nature's Way,
Jean Treml,
Materials Director


“Our Controlling module implementation opened the door to many welcome changes to our strategic inventory approach. We quickly shifted from reactionary activities to far more proactive, strategic activities.”


Strong partners

Renowned companies in Germany and abroad have been supporting GIB in sales and consulting for many years. We are pleased about the good cooperation with:

EMPORIAS Management Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
Feringastraße 7
85774 Unterföhring bei München
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 95 84 06 0
Fax: +49 (0) 89 95 84 06 11

Mehrwerk GmbH
Karlsruher Str. 88
76139 Karlsruhe
Tel.: +49 (0) 721 499 00 19
Fax: +49 (0) 721 499 00 85

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