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Demand planning

Realistic forecast of purchasing behaviour, taking into account all internal and external influencing factors as far as possible.

Inventory management

Anticipatory stockpiling, taking storage and material cost into account. Ensure a balance between service level and capital commitment. 

GIB Suite

Succeed against competition: Bilgin Kilic, Manager Field Sales GIB, on the benefits of the GIB Suite 

GIB Suite - an animated overview

For faster, clearer and more efficient supply chain proccesses: See how Paul turns his red minus into a black plus with the GIB Suite

GIB Forecast

GIB Forecast expert Marco Fries explains how the application ensures precise forecasts and optimized processes.

August Rüggeberg

Why GIB?

  • Individual adjustments
  • All relevant facts at a glance
  • Transparency in production and disposition
  • Qualitative improvement of the master data

BLANCO Professional

Why GIB?

  • Achieve competitive advantage
  • Short implementation time - fast go-live
  • Transparency and control over processes
  • Dissolve silos through integrated planning
  • Optimization of stocks and readiness for delivery

Max Bögl

Why GIB?

  • Usability 
  • Integration in SAP Standard.
  • Implementation within four4 weeks
  • Production fine control, sediment analysis, etc.
  • Greater effectiveness by eliminating Excel lists

Why GIB?

GIB is the strong partner for your supply chain. This is what we say about ourselves. But what do our customers say? We have asked them what it is like to work with us.

Dana Corporation

Brent Cantrell, Forecasting Analyst and maestro behind Dana's implementation of GIB Forecasting sits to talk about their challenges and how they created advantages in those areas through GIB.


Demand-based material supply with the shortest possible replacement times to ensure maximum flexibility in production.

We make you an SAP Supply Chain Hero

With our SAP-certified software solutions, we enable you and your company to master the complexity of holistic supply chain planning and control.


The future on S/4HANA: Björn Dunkel, Managing Director GIB, describes the innovation potential of GIB SCX

GIB Shop Floor Integration

Keep an eye on machine health: The GIB Shop Floor Intergation is your gateway to condition based maintenance


GIB SCX takes a holistic and process-oriented view of the company's internal supply chain.

Baier & Schneider

Why GIB?

  • Perfect integration into the SAP standard
  • Reduction of the lead time in the disposition by 67%
  • Alert monitor as the central trigger for materials planning
  • Creating transparency between the specialist departments


Why GIB?

  • Usability
  • Forecast quality in sales planning
  • Simplification of SAP standard transactions
  • Control of the day-to-day planning business
  • Focused work through relevant information at a glance

Schaefer Group

Why GIB?

  • Focus on problem cases 
  • Fast implementation through SAP integration
  • Ability to provide information on delivery dates 
  • Improvement of the adherence to delivery dates
  • Well-founded reporting of the workload in the work


Find out how Continental increased efficiency, productivity and assertiveness in decision making through real-time information, reducing line stop, material- and inventory management indicators.

RAM Tool Construction Supply Company

Director of Purchasing, Kyle Loafman speaks on the challenging tasks coming into his role within this department and the decisions that went into their GIB purchase.

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