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Experience the Industry 4.0: IIoT Info Day


In the Smart Factory, components, workpieces and machines are to communicate independently with each other in order to perform local tasks. ifm prover, an internationally active manufacturer of fluid sensors, uses GIB's "Shop Floor Integration" (SFI) software component for this purpose. The SFI software acts as a link between the world of sensors, controllers and machines and the SAP system used in the company, thus enabling data exchange between these worlds. The combination of real-time information from production with data from the business logic enables the sensor technology specialist to carry out predictive maintenance in line with requirements and provides increased transparency for improved machine availability and more efficient maintenance management. ifm prover is one of GIB's first customers and already has experience in using the software. Since this year, the Mobile Maintenance App has been available, which expands the SFI in a meaningful way. It enables the maintenance employee on site in production to determine the causes of high-priority problem messages directly at the machine and to check the availability of spare parts and pass on information on machine failure. With the help of stored detailed instructions, he can carry out the repair as independently as possible so that it is available again for production as quickly as possible. The app also provides the production manager with direct access to the relevant information of the maintenance employee on the use of the machine, so that he can access current key figures at any time.

Our industry 4.0 specialists at ifm prover in Tettnang will tell you exactly how the SFI solution can be used in practice during the IoT Info Day. A special program item is the planned factory tour at the sensor manufacturer. Even if your plant is not fully stacked with sensors, you can take first steps toward the industry 4.0 with sustainable advantages for your company. We would like to show you how to accomplish this with low cost and low effort. 

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