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SUCCESS DAYs' charity yielded 500 Euros

Radio Siegen Editor-in-Chief Rüdiger Schlund received the certificate of donation from GIB Managing Director Björn Dunkel with joy.

Charity foosball: 500 Euros for a good cause 
An integral part of the annual GIB Symposium for customers and interested parties, the GIB SUCCESS DAYs, is the traditional evening event. For many visitors, it is an ideal opportunity for informal exchange and networking and thus a welcome addition to the first day of the event. In the traditionally fitting location - this year Olympic in a gymnasium - the guests had the opportunity to take part in a foosball tournament for a good cause. With a stake of 2 Euros per game one could compete alone or in a team and win a GIB-flocked German jersey. In addition to a lot of fighting spirit paired with obvious fun, more than 200 Euro were collected within two hours for the campaign "Lichtblicke e.V.". The "Lichtblicke" campaign was initiated by the NRW local radio stations and helps children and their families in Nort Rhine Westphalia, Germany who are in need through no fault of their own. "We have chosen this organisation as a recipient of donations because it provides very concrete help. Whether it is that a family with a seriously ill child needs a car to go to the hospital, or whether it is a special handicapped accessible bicycle for a boy who wants more freedom," explains GIB Managing Director Björn Dunkel. "We are very pleased that our customers have participated so well and have therefore decided to increase the donation amount to 500 Euros," Björn Dunkel continues. A sum that Rüdiger Schlund, editor-in-chief of Radio Siegen, gladly accepted on behalf of Lichtblicke. On the occasion of this year's theme of the GIB SUCCESS DAYs not in the form of a cheque, but in the form of an sports certificate.  


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