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Investeringszekerheid door SAP S/4 HANA-certificering | Persbericht


Security of investment through SAP S/4 HANA certification

Acceleration and simplification – those are the main benefits of SAP HANA and indeed those of the GIB add-on, which is completely integrated in SAP. The module series for optimizing supply chain processes in SAP has now been awarded the S/4 HANA certificate. GIB thus reconfirms its adherence to all SAP product standards, banking on user-friendly and secure applications. 

“We focus on producing sustainably high quality and always want to be sure that we can offer reliable software to our customers. Thanks to S/4 HANA certification, we now have this in black and white: Our GIB Suite can also be equated with an add-on provided by SAP under S/4,” explains GIB Managing Director, Björn Dunkel. The latest certification “SAP Certified Integration with S/4 HANA” is confirmation of the successful path which the add-on manufacturer GIB has been on, relying on rapid and smooth implementation into customers’ existing SAP systems. The certificate officially acknowledges and documents that the GIB Suite can be integrated seamlessly in the SAP HANA system and builds on integration technologies and interfaces recognized by SAP. The certification of the add-on ensures that it can be implemented rapidly at the customer and that all future SAP release changes will be smooth and trouble-free.  

To guarantee this, the GIB add-on was tested thoroughly for integrity with regard to the necessary technical aspects during the certification phase. For example, all certified add-ons need to be installed via standard SAP transaction SAINT (SAP Add-On Installation Tool). This guarantees that certain implementation requirements for the software are checked prior to installation and this ensures a high standard of quality. In addition, the GIB Suite is checked in the GIB system landscape with each new SAP release. Furthermore, with its status as an SAP Silver Partner, GIB is also entitled to participate in the ramp-up programs for new SAP releases. In these beta tests, the company can test its solutions in new SAP versions and make adaptations in cases of doubt, well before the SAP release is launched on the market. Another prerequisite for the certificate was to have a maintenance system available for every active version of the GIB Suite – irrespective of the current release. 

“Of the over 1,149 certified solutions around the globe, to date only 195 have been awarded the S/4 HANA certificate. We are proud that our GIB Suite is among these and now carries this seal of approval,” Dunkel continues. Alongside the new certification for S/4 HANA, GIB has also succeeded in extending its existing “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” certificate.  

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