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GIB ABAP Programming Templates – Too good not to share

Why make things complicated when they can be so easy? It’s our job to ask this question. And luckily enough, we often think up good ideas that make complex tasks simple. An example? Our GIB ABAP Programming Templates. These templates relieve you of a significant amount of programming effort. All you have to write is the part that really matters to you.

At the same time, you have the advantage that programs written with our GIB Templates fit perfectly into the SAP system, both visually and in terms of usability. Say goodbye to the tedious process of learning new code – you don’t even need to be familiar with ABAP. This also speeds up your workflow.

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„Success is persuasive: Thousands of our customers around the world put their trust in the GIB ABAP Programming Templates.“

Katharina Briese & Bilgin Kilic, GIB

Templates features

ALV-GRID Control Template

Our ALV-GRID Template is based on SAP’s object-oriented ALV-GRID Control but adding improvements and enhancements to the standard such as editability including prepared storage and check logics, ad-hoc column, formula generator, status lines etc. Accentuations of data records (e.g. by traffic light functionality) and processing possibilities can also be implemented with ease.

ALV-TREE Control Template

Highlights of our ALV-TREE Template are its additional functionalities such as Excel-export (both complete and opened folder views), filter function (selectable for the complete field catalog) as well as dynamic drilldown change. The user can individually design the TREE’s node structure according to current requests at runtime.

HTML-CONTROL without previous knowledge, all at a glance

You don’t need to be familiar with HTML to use the HTML-CONTROL Template. The basis for this are the dynamic documents that are created in our template, based solely on ABAP/4-commands. As HTML-Control is displayed internally on a browser, it’s also easy to incorporate images, PDFs, technical drawings, or even internet/intranet applications.

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