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New solution on S/4HANA

With increasing globalization and networking, requirements are multiplying.

An optimized supply chain is the basis for your economic success.

Never before in the history of mankind has global networking been as important as it is today. The economy is largely globalized; the digitization of business processes, communication and information breaks down barriers such as language differences, borders and time zones. This new transparency and permeability presents opportunities, but is also accompanied by risks and challenges, e.g. price and cost transparency, not to mention the global comparability of quality and sustainability.

Manufacturers of all sizes are therefore confronted with severe cost pressure and increasing service requirements. On top of that, there is increased demand for customized products (lot size of 1), which brings with it increased complexity in production. The dilemma: Demands on process design increase; there is a lack of qualified personnel to solve this problem; the scalability of manufacturing processes declines; the number of product variants increases, and willingness to pay drops. 

The size of the decision tree and the far-reaching, intersectional consequences of every single decision require intelligent systems that take into account all data from the entire supply chain and deliver holistic and valid decision-making documents.

GIB SCX on S/4HANA for medium-sized companies

High performance for your supply chain

  • Data basis for strategic planning and operational controlling
  • Component for World Class Manufacturing and the Smart Factory 
  • Vertical and horizontal connection of the digital supply chain
  • Planning and controlling with real-time data 

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"GIB SCX delivers a new holistic operational planning approach based on S/4HANA's digital core that simplifies architecture and application. This makes the switch to S/4 much more attractive - especially for medium-sized companies."

Björn Dunkel, Managing Director GIB

Optimizing supply chain processes starts with raising awareness of the problem.

“The right information at the right time for the right user.” That is the demand on the new GIB SCX Suite. This way, the top management receives aggregated and meaningful management ratios for strategic considerations; middle management has information and control options with tactical relevance and reach, e.g. requirements planning, inventory planning or MRP strategies; and for the operational level, all of the necessary information and control options are provided in order to guarantee and optimize production planning and detailed scheduling, order processing or distribution, for example.

The continuous flow of information, overall transparency, and user-friendly, seamless display prevent silo formation and “island optimization” of individual departments, resolve conflicts of objectives, and uncover resource waste. The software thus provides a key component in the company’s efforts to achieve world-class manufacturing.

Horizontal and vertical networking of all digitized business processes.

The control loop of GIB SCX ensures continuous improvement of all supply chain processes.

GIB SCX takes a holistic and process-oriented look at the process chain of the company's internal supply chain. All SCM processes must be digitized, controlled, controlled and improved. GIB SCX not only secures digital communication in the horizontal direction along the value chain, but at the same time ensures bidirectional exchange at the vertical level, from the provision of services to the SAP/ERP system.

The S/4HANA-based solution runs through the control loop of optimization in every phase of the supply chain: from procurement to production and distribution to sales planning and sales. In each step, specific key figures and systematic evaluations make the successes and potentials visible. Optimization takes place as part of a continuous improvement process that ultimately leads to a significant reduction in costs, greater transparency, better delivery readiness and accelerated processes.

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The quantum leap into real-time optimization of your supply chain.


  • Process optimization
  • Inventory reduction
  • Resource optimization
  • Increased level of service
  • Dynamic simulation
  • Flexible production
  • Reduced lead times


  • Data basis for strategic planning and operational control
  • Module for world-class manufacturing and the smart factory
  • Vertical and horizontal connection of the digital supply chain
  • Planning and controlling with real-time data

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