Jellyfish - Transparency makes processes manageable

GIB Suite

Transparency makes processes manageable

Transparency makes processes manageable

He who sees through things asks the right questions and he who asks the right questions reveals. This can be functioning structures and efficient processes, but also wastefulness and urgent need for action.

Only with the right transparency does the manager gain control over the supply chain and is able to control and optimize it. 

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Holistic optimization of SAP-controlled supply chain processes with the GIB Suite

  • Harmonize, standardize and improve your processes
  • Eliminate out of stock situations, overcapacities and fluctuations in your forecast accuracy 
  • Gain more transparency in your system 
  • Improve your delivery availability
  • Succeed against competition 
  • Fully integrated in your SAP system 
  • Fully translated in German and English; multiple other languages upon request

GIB Suite modules:

GIB Suite Forecast

Decentralized planning and consolidation in a single central planning monitor.

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GIB Suite Operations

Optimization and controlling of the MRP process chain.

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GIB Suite Planning

Flawless planning of production processes and capacities across responsibilities.

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GIB Suite Controlling

Sustainable inventory optimization with industry-specific rule sets.

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GIB Suite Buying

Fast, efficient, optimized order processing.

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GIB Suite Vendor Managed Inventory

Intelligent vendor integration into your SAP system via web front end.

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