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GIB Suite

Affordable supply chain optimisation

What if you could improve forecast accuracy and reduce inventory by 20%?

What if you could improve your customer fulfillment rate and reduce stock-outs by 25%?

DISCOVER GIB — a solution for supply chain optimisation — that runs in SAP.

Using the GIB solution for supply chain management, our customers have gained efficiencies and time savings in their daily work of up to 40%.

According to supply chain industry research, a pervasive challenge for manufacturing and distribution companies is linking supply chain planning with execution.

This issue is not surprising since most companies conduct planning activities outside of their ERP platform.

If the master data exists in ERP, if transactional data exists in ERP, if the supply chain practitioners conduct business inside ERP, then it stands to reason that planning activities should also exist inside ERP.

This common sense principle has enabled GIB clients to achieve substantial supply chain improvements at a fraction of the cost for comparable, external supply chain solutions.

We are unique in our approach, and unique in the value we deliver. Experience GIB!

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GIB Suite

For faster, clearer and more efficient supply chain proccesses

  • Harmonize, standardize and improve your processes
  • Eliminate out of stock situations, overcapacities and fluctuations in your forecast accuracy 
  • Gain more transparency in your system 
  • Improve your delivery availability
  • Succeed against competition 
  • Fully integrated in your SAP system 
  • Fully translated in German and English; multiple other languages upon request

GIB Suite modules:

GIB Suite Forecast

Decentralized planning and consolidation in a single central planning monitor.

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GIB Suite Operations

Optimization and controlling of the MRP process chain.

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GIB Suite Planning

Flawless planning of production processes and capacities across responsibilities.

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GIB Suite Controlling

Sustainable inventory optimization with industry-specific rule sets.

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GIB Suite Buying

Fast, efficient, optimized order processing.

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GIB Suite Vendor Managed Inventory

Intelligent vendor integration into your SAP system via web front end.

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Certified by SAP

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