GIB Controlling

Focusing on the essential

Control and optimize processes with intelligent key figures

GIB Controlling helps you optimize your inventory for the long term – with minimal effort. Industry-specific rule sets may be based on however many dimensions you prefer, such as service classes or product lifecycles. These rule sets are implemented as predefined industry content. Within the rule sets you define measurement items and key figures which will henceforth provide proposals for setting your MRP parameters.

The special aspect of a rule set is that it allows you to maintain – or even increase – your readiness for delivery while your inventory is optimized at the same time.

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„We awarded the project to GIB, not least because the Controlling and Operations modules already met the majority of our requirements as standard SAP add-ons. Since then, we’ve already successfully implemented four modules that dovetail closely with one another. From a business point of view, the software has already proven to be worth every penny.“

Marijana Duvnjak, Supply Planning Management, Monier Roofing Components

Essential module content


  • Integration of requirement-specific key figures
  • Material classifications according to ABC and XYZ analyses
  • Integration of product lifecycles 
  • Simulation of MRP parameters
  • Effective use of the range of coverage matrix
  • Navigate safely through plant and material numbers
  • Administration of material groupings
  • Use of rule sets and decision trees


  • Transparency regarding inventory drivers and risk materials
  • Efficient, effective, and sustainable inventory optimization
  • Evaluation of consequences and risks through simulation of MRP parameters

Target group

  • Material requirements planning, logistics, supply chain management

Special features of GIB Controlling

Range of coverage/replenishment lead time matrix

In the range of coverage/replenishment lead time matrix, we correlate the replenishment lead times for materials with the requirements currently maintained in the system. We can also resort to a look into the past – an analysis of consumption. Here’s an example of what this entails: 392 materials have been in stock for more than 120 days, though they could be replenished within a maximum of 10 days. You can already see the potential here.

GIB Suite Controlling Dashboard

With the GIB Controlling Dashboard, inventory and MRP controlling can be carried out in a single, central application. GIB Suite Controlling Dashboard’s modern and multifunctional interface can be used to visualize ABC/XYZ distribution. It’s also possible to set custom displays for product lifecycles. No matter whether you work with LRODI, ELAN, or your own product lifecycle method. Thanks to the built-in formula generator, you have a range of options for using your logic to create further decision trees.

Analyzing optimization potentials

GIB Controlling puts your inventory under the microscope, letting you identify hidden optimization potentials with the help of industry-specific rule sets.

Simulation mode

Thanks to the simulation mode, you can simulate the stored rule sets and their impacts on inventory and readiness for delivery.

Key figure ranking

The ranking provides the opportunity to compare top materials from various types of stock. The (important) key figures analyzed here can be selected individually.

GIB Suite – Certified by SAP.

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