GIB Forecast

Valid sales planning and forecasting

Optimized supply chain management begins with dependable sales planning

Sales planning and forecasting tool GIB Forecast is fast and easy to use. Reliable forecast procedures facilitate rolling sales planning, allowing you to focus on materials and product groups that can hardly be forecasted. This helps you optimize your planning for the long term.

It also gives you the possibility of implementing your forecast procedures promptly, thus increasing your readiness for delivery and optimizing your inventory.

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„GIB Forecast significantly reduced our forecasting efforts while increasing the reliability of the forecasts.“

Stefan Renk, Executive SCM Processes, Trilux GmbH & Co. KG

Essential module content


  • Advanced forecast models
  • Data basis: SAP and alternative subsystems
  • If required, creation of nodes which are independent of SAP
  • Consolidation of decentralized planning into one planning monitor
  • Mapping of organizational structures which are independent of SAP
  • Forecasting and monitoring via workflow, traffic light, and alert features.
  • Dependable requirements planning thanks to a comprehensive data basis


  • Ability to check forecast quality through ex-post analysis
  • Constant optimization of production plans using rolling sales planning
  • Inventory optimization, precise planning, and reliable forecasts
  • Simulation of the impact of planning, e.g. on work center capacities

Target group

  • Sales, supply chain management and other specialized departments

Special features of GIB Forecast

Automated forecast procedures

GIB Forecast provides support for decentralized planning through automated forecast procedures. Thus, data from many different sources can be included. The result: optimized inventories, improvement of delivery readiness, and reliable capacity planning.

Forecast procedures with GIB Forecast

Forecast procedures with GIB Forecast facilitate precise forecasting and reliable planning accuracy.

Planning hierarchy

In the standard, the planning hierarchy can take the form of sales or plant planning (plant planning: up to three aggregation levels of an S structure, e.g. S001 - VKORG, VTWEG, customer/plant planning: material consumptions from DCC or MVER) or else be tailored to the customer. This makes it extremely versatile in terms of its characteristics.

ALV Grid planning interface

Simple, intuitive planning interface in the Excel-like ALV Grid format.

Automatic forecast selection

Automatic forecast selection through monitoring various tracking signals while taking into account XYZ consumption constancy, making the responsible planner’s work easier, especially for materials that are easily forecasted.

GIB Suite – Certified by SAP.

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