Shop Floor Integration

Data integration from Sensor to ERP

From shop floor to top floor with GIB

The GIB software solution, Shop Floor Integration (SFI) makes the data exchange between an SAP system and the varied world of sensors, controls and machines possible. The SFI solution delivers, in a rule-based manner, the processing and forwarding of machine events and process-relevant information from the source to a connected SAP system.

With minimal integration effort, you can automatically initiate and control follow-up activities to create a responsive and automated supply chain process.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Analyze real-time production data in SAP ERP
  • Support of wear-oriented maintenance strategies through automatic measurement documents
  • Enable pre-configured templates for sensor-based subsequent activities in SAP
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduce spare parts inventory
  • Coordinate maintenance and production activities
  • Fast and easy implementation

From sensor into SAP

an example of use

A manufacturing company has to ensure that an important bottleneck machine is available for production. To do so, it‘s necessary to gain and evaluate the critical information about the machine‘s condition.
The information is based on the continuous the actual abrasion and are used to determine the to the shop floor integration software. The SFI solution is based on this near-real-time events from production automatically necessary follow-up activities in progress, e.g. initiation of maintenance measures in PM/EAM and spare part orders.


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