Supply Chain Management in SAP

Supply Chain Management Software for SAP ERP

Natively Integrated SAP Supply Chain Management. Optimize & Manage Your Supply Chain Processes.

About GIB

Access real-time data and prevent supply chain disruptions.

Focus on key supply chain drivers and effectively respond to market shifts.

With more than 600 customers worldwide, GIB is a leading software provider of supply chain planning optimization for small, medium, large, and Fortune 500 companies that run SAP ECC & S/4 HANA. Our expertise makes us one of the leading supply chain planning companies serving the marketplace.

We extend SAP’s standard functionality with advanced tools specifically designed to help SAP customers achieve end-to-end supply chain integration. Our clients transact, record, plan, optimize, and measure their supply chain without ever leaving their SAP environment.

Users gain visibility, simplicity, and granularity in the critical areas of Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Planning, Inventory Optimization, MRP, Production, Procurement, and Collaboration.

It’s our job to help you navigate supply chain idiosyncrasies, support your current and future goals for S&OP in SAP, and realize substantial bottom line results in record time.

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Demand Planning

More accurately predict demand. Automate with our machine learning forecasting process.


Optimize purchase orders, reduce transportation and disposition costs, and synchronize processes between business partners.

Inventory Optimization

Maximize inventory turns and fill rates. Automate and improve inventory planning.

Production Planning

Increase capacity utilization and throughput while lowering production costs. 

MRP Operations & Procurement

Streamline your MRP process. Proactively monitor supply and demand issues.


Remove friction, reduce manual work, and lessen disruptions in your supply chain through collaboration with your suppliers. 

  • Forecast accuracy increased by 113%
  • Customer fill rates increased from 88% to 95%
  • Open PO value reduced 
  • Improved employee efficiency by 53%
  • Increased inventory turns by 10%
  • Service levels increased over 90%
  • Within 7 months stock levels reduced by 30%
  • Higher receipt of 25% within the same period


  • Backorders reduced by 47%
  • Within 9 months stock levels reduced by 20%

Managing a High Volume Business on SAP

Ram Tool Construction Supply Co., based in Birmingham, AL, is a second generation female owned and lead organization with 43 locations that provide construction supplies to general contractors, subcontractors, electricians, welders, plumbers.

After implementing GIB's Supply Chain Suite, Ram Tool reduced their stock out rate from 8% to 2%, creating a service level of 98% and improving buyer productivity four-fold.

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“Those using GIB had better operational visibility with 64% saying they had the visibility, quality, and granularity they need for supply chain operational data versus 57% of SAP IBP customers.”

Source: SAPinsider Benchmark Report, Modernizing Supply Chain Planning and Operations, September 2020

Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning

Sales Inventory and Operations Planning is the cornerstone of SAP supply chain management. GIB delivers easy to implement, powerful solutions to forecast demand, balance inventory, plan production, and better manage the MRP and procurement processes.

GIB extends and enhances the capabilities of SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA, working in perfect harmony with standard SAP processes to create an optimal environment to transact, record, plan and optimize your supply chain.

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The No. 1 challenge among manufacturing companies is connecting S&OP planning to operational execution.

Source: Gartner, Set Up Sales and Operations Execution Process to Support the S&OP Cycle, January 2019

87% of the respondents chose deep integration between supply chain planning and operational execution as the top priority”

Source: SAPInsider, Modernizing Supply Chain Planning and Operations, September 2020

GIB provides the only ‘optimization-in’ approach to connecting your SAP sales planning and execution functions for SAP users.

Our unique approach to SAP supply chain management results in an optimized, connected supply chain process delivered in less time, effort and cost than any other solution in the market.

With advanced tools specifically designed to improve the execution of MRP, procurement and production scheduling tasks, you can make proactive supply chain decisions and avoid service disruptions.

Achieve end-to-end supply chain optimization inside your SAP ERP system.

Instead of a patchwork of integration solutions to solve various use cases, organizations can adapt to future business changes and navigate supply chain idiosyncrasies with the proper tools.

Specifically designed to facilitate, support, and help evaluate multiple business scenarios that aid S&OP process goals both now and in the future, GIB's advanced solutions offer visibility, quality, and granularity in critical supply chain areas.     


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