Adapt and Respond in Real Time

Mitigating Major Event Impacts to Your Supply Chain inside SAP

Join our Webinar on April 14th, 22nd, or 23rd

External events large and small can stress supply chain plans. The speed at which these stressors are identified have a big impact. The ability to recognize, adapt and respond has never been more important than now. Current events are powerful reminders that supply chain visibility, planning and execution need to be tightly coupled to handle the external, surprise events that can reap major disruptions on our business and economy. 

At GIB, we have been focused on developing and delivering advanced supply chain tools for the SAP user community for over 20 years. Over 600+ customers rely on the GIB tools, natively integrated within SAP, to optimize and control their supply chain operations.

We will be hosting three webinars April 14th22nd, and 23rd that provide real world, recent examples of how our customers were able to:

  • Make rapid, mass changes to demand plans
  • Implement smart adjustments to inventory targets and safety stock
  • Adjust procurement and production scheduling in quick response

Attendees of the webinar will qualify to earn a free evaluation copy of the GIB Operation Cockpit module to enable a Proof of Concept within your SAP landscape to ensure value and risk free deployment. 

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