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As a  follow up to introducing the concepts of enabling an S&OP process inside SAP and improving the execution of that plan at this years Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit, we will be delivering four webinars featuring live demonstrations of the GIB solutions that deliver the enhanced planning and execution functions. 

If you are seeking an S&OP process that leverages your SAP investment, we invite you to attend both sessions.  If you already have the S&OP challenge solved within your company, then please attend the Execution Webinar to see how GIB can improve the daily operation for your buyers, planners, and schedulers. 

We are offering two of the S&OP, and two of the Execution webinars.  Please register for the sessions below by indicating your interest for inclusion for each session.  For more information about GIB, our SAP centric solutions, and the customers we serve, visit us at www.gib.world/us.

In the interim, please feel free to view the material that was presented at the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit by clicking the link below.

Ten Simple Steps to S&OP inside of SAP


Execution Webinar

Regardless of where the supply chain plan is created, the MRP, procurement and production tasks must be executed inside of SAP.  Planners, buyers, and schedulers need better tools inside SAP to understand the full supply & demand picture, identify critical issues, make decisions, and act on those decisions in a timely and accurate manner.  This session will provide a live demonstration of the GIB execution tools that make the daily supply chain tasks in SAP more efficient.


Friday Febuary 14th 10am EST

Friday Febuary 21th 10am EST


S&OP Webinar

By combining the advanced planning and simulation tools from GIB with the SAP MRP engine and your master and transactional data, we will demonstrate the 10 step SI&OP process inside SAP that will solve your supply chain planning requirements in a practical, affordable, and rapid manner. 

Monday Febuary 10th 10am EST

Monday Febuary 17th 10am EST



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