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The customer’s processes, needs, and targets are in the focus of the GIB consulting services. Optimization potentials in the process chain are detected in a constructive, collaborative process. Doing this requires extensive knowledge of the field and a great deal of experience.

This is why we set extraordinarily high standards for GIB consultants’ operational and technical qualifications. The team also has a great deal of practical expertise in supply chain processes and in implementing SAP software. The finishing touch to the GIB consultant profile? The corresponding SAP certifications.

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Whether you’re looking for long-term consultation or just for one project – the Consulting Team can help.

GIB’s Consulting Team is here for you. Whether you’re looking for long-term consultation or just for one project – depending on your preferences and necessity, the Consulting Team can help you make the leap from “one-hit wonder” to permanent success. A need for support often arises as early as the introduction of SAP. Even in the first phase, parameters and settings need to be defined; in order for them to be appropriately designated, extensive knowledge of system processes and requirements is essential.

This is where the GIB Consulting Team comes into the picture: the team scrutinizes key figures and parameters, assists in making sensible adjustments, and makes sure that these are regularly updated. Based on the premise “Our customers’ success bring us success, too” GIB consultants put all their efforts into optimizing processes, recognizing potential, and making your company more successful. Most of the time, the company doesn’t yet employ anyone with that knowledge.

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