Sales and Operations Planning is the cornerstone of supply chain.  Unfortunately standard SAP lacks the tools and flexibility required. A process this important should be done inside of ERP with real time data access.


The dynamic nature of business challenges the plan daily.  It’s not easy to get an accurate picture of supply and demand in standard SAP.  Proactive alert monitoring and flexible tools are needed to identify potential bottlenecks and adjust schedules in real time.


An automated, intelligent, and continuous feedback loop is essential to achieve supply chain optimization.  Capturing performance metrics outside of the core transactional system breaks that virtuous feedback loop.  Your business can’t afford the wasted time and effort of managing multiple systems.


Frictionless commerce cannot be achieved if information is locked within your four walls.  Supply chain disruptions are exacerbated when information flows slowly and manually.


Increase delivery readiness and simultaneously decrease inventory

The GIB Suite is an SAP-certified add-on with which you can lower costs, optimize inventory, and increase your readiness for delivery. With no interfaces or investment in additional hardware needed, the GIB Suite seamlessly integrates supply chain processes into SAP and expands the SAP standard to include functions that are important for resource planning.

No more time-consuming hopping between various transactions, tools or Excel files: with the GIB Suite, you have all the important supply chain processes at a glance. This helps you make the best decisions with efficiency, convenience, and transparency.

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To create more value

Optimize your logistic processes in SAP with the GIB Suite.

  • Costs decrease for the long term.
  • Optimal inventory management and optimization.
  • Guaranteed transparency within your ERP system.
  • Full versions in German and English; other languages upon request.

„Logistics is about real time. It’s about intelligence within the supply chain.“

Björn Dunkel, Managing Director, GIB

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