GIB Suite Inventory

GIB Suite Inventory

Transparency and control over all processes

Transparency and control over all processes

Knowing what is going on to recognize dangers and opportunities in time and be able to react. In this way, the supply chain keeps flowing and unexpected attacks can be avoided. Our GIB Suite, especially GIB Controlling, also follows this natural model:

With meaningful key figures and graphics that give you the security of having all the events in your supply chain in view and under control.

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Essential module content


  • Two dimensional segmentation based on volume and constancy
  • Establish multiple service level classes across materials
  • Compute variable safety stock levels based on targets & demand variation
  • Operational reporting to easily identify excess inventory & shortages
  • Simulate potential parameter changes at a group or material level
  • Easily create custom groups of materials for exceptions based management
  • Automatic re-calculation of replenishment targets monthly or weekly


  • Higher service
  • Less inventory investment
  • Process automation, only focus on the exceptions
  • Real time visibility into inventory coverage
  • Reduce the risk of parameter changes through simulation
  • Include projected inventory coverage into the Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning process

Target group

  • Inventory managers
  • S&OP Process owners
  • Supply chain managers
  • Buyers
  • Finance

Differentiating features of GIB Suite Inventory

Range of Coverage

GIB gives you the visibility to understand the balance of inventory investment based on days of supply compared to lead time.  From one, interactive matrix, supply chain managers can quickly visualize excess and potential outages.  Since the data is live in SAP, real-time drill down is available to quickly identify the problem materials and take action.

Replenishment Strategies by Service Class

Since every problem is not a nail, inventory mangers need more that a hammer to optimize.  With logical service classes established, distinct replenishment targets and strategies can be applied to each service class. GIB gives you the flexibility to create nine, tailored replenishment strategies with the intelligence to automatically assign materials to the appropriate segment.

Two Dimensional Material Segmentation

By segmenting materials based on volume and demand constancy, materials groups are created with shared attributes relevant for inventory planning. Establishing two dimensional segmentation if the first step to automated, intelligent inventory optimization.


Market conditions are dynamic, and new objectives from executive leadership can come at any time.  When inventory levels and coverage profiles need to change, GIB provides a broad scope of simulation capabilities to understand the impact of potential changes to shed light on the risk return equation. 

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