GIB Suite Operations

MRP under control

Handling everyday MRP activities – Save time. Get the big picture.

With GIB Suite Operations, you can navigate through your day-to-day business and be sure to make smart and solid decisions in materials planning. Thanks to individual user layouts and predefined default layouts, all MRP-relevant information can be retrieved and displayed.

This includes: Missing parts, exception messages as well as requirements and consumptions.

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„Using the GIB Suite, we’ve become faster and more transparent. We’re now saving more than 40% of the time it used to take us to process exception messages.“

Norbert Gotthard, Head of Material Planning Professional & SCM, BRITA GmbH

Essential module content


  • Transparent, clearly structured display of exception messages, missing part situations, and purchasing-specific information
  • Access to information on master data, inventories, and MRP information via simple layout changes
  • Identification and control of critical materials with the use of an early-recognition system
  • Implementation of individual parameters and alerts


  • Time-saving material requirements planning through the provision of aggregated information and the possibility to trigger a multitude of transactions from one single screen

Target group

  • Material requirements planning, purchasing, production scheduling

Special features of GIB Suite Operations

An overview of period details

All period details at a glance: Enter the desired period (day, week, month, year) and select single material or material group view. Thereby the MRP controller keeps the track and masters his workplace.

Simulated requirement quantities

Display of a simulated requirement quantity of the BOM items over one or several materials.

Individual display of MRP information

GIB Suite Operations is the module for day-to-day business of everybody operating in the field of SCM. Thanks to individual user layouts and predefined default layouts all MRP-relevant informa- tion can be retrieved and displayed – with the help of graphics, as seen here.

Timeline display

Within the period details displayed in GIB Suite Operations all relevant pieces of information such as receipts and issues, requirements, planned orders, etc. can be presented in a timeline. This time- line can be drilled down to day, week or month and displayed both on the level of individual materials and for a material group as well. What’s more, it’s also possible to simulate changes in requirements or in the receipt situation.

Cross-plant displays

Cross-plant views at the level of single materials, BOM explosions or where-used lists can be called swiftly and easily, providing all the functionality of GIB Suite Operations.

GIB Suite – Certified by SAP.

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