Carrying ants - Material management under control

GIB Suite Operations

Material management under control

Managing daily operational activities – Make informed, efficient decisions. Consider the big picture

Keeping the material flowing with intelligent resource planning. The goal is to plan the material requirements precisely so that no bottlenecks or even idle time arise in work preparation and production.

At the same time, the stock of goods and raw materials must be balanced, needs-based and cost-sensitive. 

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MRP Operations Cockpit Highlights


  • 25+ SAP transactions consolidated into one central cockpit
  • Proactive alerting to direct focus and attention before stock outs and overstock occur
  • Simulate potential supply and demand changes
  • Flexible data views to impact multiple supply chain users


  • Reduced time and effort to make more informed supply chain decisions
  • Lower material costs through visibility across the internal supply chain
  • Naturally integrated within SAP for rapid delivery and ease of use
  • More efficient materials management enables top line growth without new headcount

Target group

  • SAP supply chain users
  • Procurement, production, inventory, material requirements etc.

Special features of GIB Suite Operations

An intuitive requirements view (enhanced MD04)

See all requirements for future periods at a glance including planned orders, purchase requisitions, forecasts etc. Easily toggle between days, weeks or months. See one material or many. Utilize ad-hoc simulations to understand the impact of supply and demand changes.

Simulated requirement quantities

Display of a simulated requirement quantity of the BOM items over one or several materials.

Flexible data views

The GIB Operations Cockpit is the right solution for everyone involved in the day-to-day supply chain operations. Role and user based views allow flexibility of what information presented to the user. Graphics allow further personalization and enhance the user experience.

Visualize the full network

Cross-plant views enable you to understand the full network situation.  Determine whether to purchase additional quantities from the vendor or transfer existing inventory from a different location.

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