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GIB Suite Production

Efficiency through perfect production planning

Reconcile shop floor volatility with ease

The GIB Production scheduling solution enables you to visualize capacity constraints across your production environment. Whether at a high level across plants or a more detailed level of a single machine, you can easily see what is currently scheduled, what is planned to be scheduled and resulting impact on capacity. Drill down into the detailed scheduling for an intuitive drag and drop scheduling. The detailed scheduling board enables a semi-automatic process helping you sequence and group orders by requirement date and specific characteristics. Incorporate other factors like maintenance, downtimes or adjust labor schedules to ensure your schedule reflects the true shop floor situation.  Visual indicators let you know when an order will be finished late, if there is not enough time to complete the scheduled orders or if there are missing parts for an order. 

Once your schedule is set, you can complete the follow on steps like convert planned orders, release orders, and print shop floor papers, all from the same screen. Finally, use the touch screen enabled confirmation monitor to confirm production yields directly on the shop floor. Use in conjunction with the GIB Demand Planning Solution to simulate demand plans and see potential capacity constraints, enabling and S&OP process.

More information in our GIB Suite Planning brochure

GIB Production Highlights


  • Dynamic planning table with drag and drop scheduling
  • Semi-automatic sequencing and grouping of orders (extendable to fully automatic)
  • Capacity dashboard with real time visibility into capacity constraints
  • Level loading across production lines and resources
  • Simplified, real-time confirmations with a touch screen enabled confirmation cockpit
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • A single solution for all production needs


  • Increased throughput with reduced downtimes, setup times and teardown times
  • Quicker reaction time through real time visibility to potential constraints
  • Increased employee efficiency through reduction of manual effort
  • Reduction of clerical work with real time confirmations
  • Shop floor transparency

Target group

  • Production planners
  • Production schedulers
  • Supply chain management
  • Production control
  • Maintenance schedulers

Differentiating of the GIB Production solution

Capacity Planning Dashboard

See aggregated capacities across the production network or drill down to see more granular location and machine specific capacities, all based on real time data. View capacities of scheduled orders or simulate potential capacities with planned orders. Enable a full end-to-end simulation by passing a simulative demand plan from the GIB Demand Planning and Forecasting solution through to view the simulated capacity constraints.

Semi-automatic Drag and Drop Scheduling Board

Create a detailed scheduling with suggested order sequences based on requirement date and/or specific characteristics. Group orders together logically to reduce setup/teardown times and increase throughput. Visual indicators alert you when orders are behind schedule, cannot be completed in the scheduled time or there are missing part. Orders can be converted, released, and printed all from a single screen. You can also utilize the scheduling board as a shop floor monitor (view only) to provide visibility across the shop floor.

Confirmation Cockpit Layout

With the touch screen enabled confirmation monitor, orders are confirmed real time on the shop floor with nothing more needed than your tablet of choice. Track actual setup, processing, and teardown times or simply record yields. In case of error, easily reverse the most recent entry with a single click. Reduce clerical work, increase confirmation accuracy and empower your shop floor employees with real time confirmations.

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