Shop Floor Integration

Makes production and management grow together

Makes production and management grow together

When head and hands work together, great things can be achieved. The uninterrupted flow of information ensures that chaos does not arise and that the intended goal is achieved through the planned interaction of all those involved in the process. The whole thing should work in real time so that you don't trip over your own feet. Bottlenecks and failures should be avoided and downtimes should be planned optimally.

The ShopFloorIntegration connects the production level with the management level and thus ensures that all digitalized business processes of the supply chain are seamlessly integrated and effectively controlled. This creates the basis for the SmartFactory.

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  • Analyze real-time production data in SAP ERP
  • Enable pre-configured templates for sensor-based subsequent activities in SAP
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduce spare parts inventory
  • Coordinate maintenance and production activities
  • Fast and easy implementation

See What The Future Holds

Industry 4.0 is upon us. Companies are seeking efficient, automated processes that intertwine the worlds of ERP systems with sensors and machines. Technology’s role in industrial automation is growing rapidly, and we at GIB are ready.

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