DISCOVER GIB — a solution for supply chain optimization — that runs in SAP.

With GIB's solution for supply chain management, our customers have gained efficiencies and time savings in their daily work of up to 40%.

According to supply chain industry research, a pervasive challenge for manufacturing and distribution companies is linking supply chain planning with execution.

This issue is not surprising since most companies conduct planning activities outside of their ERP platform.

If the master data exists in ERP, if transactional data exists in ERP, if the supply chain practitioners conduct business inside ERP, then it stands to reason that planning activities should also exist inside ERP.

This common sense principle has enabled GIB clients to achieve substantial supply chain improvements at a fraction of the cost for comparable, external supply chain solutions.

We are unique in our approach, and unique in the value we deliver. Experience GIB!

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Complete integration inside SAP

  • Harmonize, standardize and improve your processes
  • Eliminate out of stock situations, overcapacities and fluctuations in your forecast accuracy 
  • Gain more transparency in your system 
  • Improve your delivery availability
  • Succeed against your competition 

Before we implemented the GIB Supply Chain Solution suite our buyers were changing 80% of the purchase requisitions generated by SAP MRP. With GIB embedded in SAP, our buyers now accept over 80% of the recommended purchase requisitions. The intelligence GIB brought to our business improved buyer productivity four fold.

Kyle Loafman, Director of Purchasing
Ram Tool Construction Supply Co.

Forecasting & Demand Planning

Your single source of truth for all demand planning operations.

Inventory Optimization

Sustainable inventory optimization with industry-specific rule sets.

MRP Operations and Procurement

A centralized, comprehensive view of supply and demand, where decisions can be made with precision and action can be taken quickly.

Production Planning

Flawless planning of production processes and capacities across responsibilities.

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